Are you organising a conference, congress or workshop with international participation? Or are you about to hold a business meeting with a foreign partner? We will be happy to arrange comprehensive interpreting services of the very highest quality for you.

We offer interpreting services in more than 40 languages in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and also in other countries.

Consecutive, simultaneous and court interpreting

We have more than 25 years of experience in provision of top-quality interpreting services including use of interpreting equipment. Our interpreters are experienced professionals who interpret during business meetings, at international conferences, during training sessions and lectures, at trade fairs and during other events.

Interpreting over the telephone, via Skype or with the aid of special applications:

If interpreting in person is not possible, you will certainly appreciate the option of interpreting over the telephone or via Skype. This type of interpreting is for example suitable for business meetings or personal conversations. All you need for interpreting over Skype is a good internet connection.

In the case of regular “remote” interpreting, it is advisable to use special applications for this purpose.

What we offer

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Court interpreting
  • Escort interpreting
  • Interpreting over the telephone or Skype
  • Provision of interpreting equipment
  • Express interpreting
  • Long-term interpreting in companies
  • Hostess services and other accompanying services
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How the interpreting process works

Consecutive interpreting

Sections or individual sentences are interpreted in the case of consecutive interpreting. This concerns so-called consecutive interpreting when the interpreter interprets what was said immediately after the speaker has finished a sentence or section of speech, e.g. during business meetings or instruction at a manufacturing plant. High-level consecutive interpreting is used during lectures and conferences or during state visits.

Escort interpreting

Escort interpreting is in particular used during business trips and meetings. The interpreter not only interprets, but also helps their client to get their bearings in the programme they are participating in, or helps them dealing with various matters, for example dealing with authorities. Escort interpreting usually relates to day-to-day matters and there are no great demands here on knowledge of specialist terminology.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is usually performed in special interpreting booths housing two interpreters who take turns every 20‒30 minutes. This is in particular used at conferences. If interpreting is required for only a few people and no interpreting booth is available, it is possible to arrange so-called “whispering”, during which the interpreter sits next to the participant or in the centre of the group and interprets what is said to the participants in a subdued voice – whispering.

Court interpreting

Court interpreting is sometimes also called official interpreting. A court-appointed interpreter who is registered with the respective Regional Court and who has thus been awarded special authorisation is required for this. A typical example of this is interpreting at sessions of general meetings, during meetings of governmental administration bodies, during marriages or provision of witness statements etc.

Interpreting over the telephone or Skype.

Interpreting over the telephone can be performed via so-called conference calls which allow several people to speak at the same time using the services of a mobile operator. If you need interpreting services and if there is a bad internet connection or no internet connection at all, you will certainly appreciate this type of service.

If you have a stable internet connection, it is usual nowadays for several people to communicate at the same time via various applications. The most common option is without a doubt Skype, where you can also see the interpreter in question via video.

It is advisable to use a specialised application for regular “remote” interpreting, for example for provision of interpreting services to a medical facility.

Interpreting equipment

We provide interpreting equipment for events of all sizes, ranging from small seminars and company presentations, right through to international congresses or conferences. We provide interpreting and conference equipment including set-up, dismantling and transport to and from the venue. Our interpreting service also includes provision of a sound system and permanent technical support on site. We provide the following interpreting equipment:

  • Interpreting equipment for conferences – e.g. interpreting booths, multi-channel systems for relay and one-way interpreting, headphones, microphones and speaker’s stands etc.
  • Mobile interpreting equipment (equipment for whispering) – in particular so-called portable whisper sets and portable microphones
  • Audio-video, sound and presentation equipment – e.g. data projectors, projection screens and sound systems etc.

Before you order interpreting services

Before ordering interpreting services, we recommend that you have a look at the following points which will allow you not only to specify your requirements appropriately, but will also subsequently ensure better cooperation with the interpreter.

  • Depending on the topic to be interpreted, prepare your materials. These must be provided to our interpreter several days before the start of the event so that they can prepare for it.
  • Depending on the type of event, choose a suitable venue where the interpreting will take place. You can leave this choice to our translation agency which will find a suitable venue for you.
  • Calculate how long the interpreting will last. Half a day of interpreting lasts 4 hours, a full day is 8 hours. Each additional hour will be subject to the surcharge specified in our price list for interpreting services.
  • It is important that you choose a contact person who will be responsible for the smooth course of the whole event.
  • Decide whether you will arrange interpreting equipment yourself or whether you want to leave this up to us.
  • You must also consider transportation for the interpreter – this in particular applies to interpreting outside of large cities.
  • If you require interpreting outside the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic, contact us and we will discuss the options with you.

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