Has it ever happened to you that what was otherwise a high quality translation failed to deliver the expected effect? Or that your foreign partner told you that the translation you provided is unusable? In this case, you obviously forgot certain aspects of localisation for the given country or target group. We will be happy to help you with localisation of texts for various countries and markets.

What we offer

  • Localisation of websites and e-shops
  • Modification (localisation) of marketing texts
  • Localisation of mobile telephones and electronic devices
  • Localisation of software, e-learning courses and documentation
  • Localisation of computer games
  • Localisation into Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Russian and other foreign languages
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What is localisation?

Localisation is a process which involves not only translation, but which also takes into account the habits of the target country or target group and which tries to accommodate the requirements of the local market as far as possible, this bringing with it the desired marketing effect. Localisation also has a second, technical side including conversion of various formats, work in unconventional word processors or proofing of separately translated segments after they are combined. The third aspect of localisation is the legal aspect – adaptation of the text in such a way that it meets the required legal conditions in the given country (e.g. in the case of instruction manuals and for patient information leaflets for pharmaceuticals) and also contains reference to the relevant local regulations.

Why should you not forget about localisation?

It is necessary in most cases to modify text to meet specific requirements, in particular cultural ones. A typical example of this is localisation of individual systems of measurement. A client in the United States would not accept the European system of measuring in a translation and vice versa. A regular marketing text translated into English for the market in the USA will come across as too boring for the readers there. On the contrary, a marketing text from America translated faithfully into Polish will seem pompous and implausible. Each language is specific and different rules apply for each. Care must also be taken with the marketing style of the text, i.e. that the text is translated in such a way as to be as accessible as possible for regular users and that it performs the same function as the source text.

Without correct and high quality localisation, certain types of translations sometimes make no sense at all. If a translator translates only certain segments with no precise context, for example in the case of software, mobile applications or computer games, the resulting texts must be tested and modified after implementation. Text segments must also unconditionally fit into the respective locations (the length of words and translated sentences frequently differs in the target language) in order to avoid needless and laborious rewriting of the source code. Modification and fine-tuning of text like this is frequently accomplished in several stages.

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