Subtitling and captioning

Presto has long specialised in the supply and translation of subtitles. Need quality Czech, Slovak or other foreign-language subtitles? Get in touch!

With professional subtitles, you can take your content further, reach new markets and make your work available to a wider audience!

  • 50% of people routinely watch videos on mute
  • Over 5% of the world’s population needs subtitles or another means of accessing content
  • Internet search engines can’t search the visual content of videos, but they can read the subtitles
  • 80% of people are more likely to watch an entire video if subtitles are available

What we offer

  • Subtitling for series, films and documentaries
  • Subtitling for training and marketing resources
  • Subtitle translation for social media and streaming platforms (Vimeo, YouTube and others)
  • Video transcription and subtitle timing
  • Captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Multilingual subtitles
  • Voice-over and dubbing
  • High quality consistent with the standards of global production companies such as Disney, Paramount and Netflix
  • We can process your orders in almost any format

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Foreign-language subtitles

Presto routinely prepares subtitling in Czech, Slovak and many other European languages. We will be glad to tailor an offer to your needs and produce subtitling for your projects.

How subtitle translation works

There are three main pillars to the subtitling process: video transcription, subtitle timing, and subtitle translation and editing. All three tasks are handled by experienced specialists and translators with the help of professional software.

1. Video transcription

While we do offer automated machine transcription, we mainly stick to human transcription to guarantee the best possible quality. Our project managers will walk through everything with you to come up with the optimal solution for your project.

2. Subtitle timing

Subtitle timing – the process of synchronising the time codes with the audio – plays a crucial role in making the subtitles easy to read and understand.

Our team of technical specialists always takes numerous factors into consideration, such as:

  • The exact beginning and end of the subtitle and how long it is displayed
  • The appropriate font type and size
  • The correct placement of subtitles in the frame
  • The use of appropriate formatting and software

3. Subtitle translation and editing

In this phase, we translate texts into the required language and make sure that localisation is of the high quality needed to align the subtitles with the cultural context of the target country so that they are more natural for the audience. We preserve the essence of your video – humour remains funny, and serious content loses none of its gravitas. We have a rich pool of experienced translators able to deal with wide-ranging content. Translation is followed by editing and proofreading, an integral part of the process to ensure grammatical and stylistic precision.

We will consult everything in detail with you in order to identify the best fitting solution.

Why Presto?

  • A leading translation agency present on the market since 1990, with more than 20,000 satisfied clients worldwide, across various fields
  • 250,000 minutes of material processed every year, with ever-increasing capacity
  • High-quality translation services courtesy of our team of experienced specialists and more than 4,000 vetted translators and native speakers
  • Unflagging motivation to move upwards and onwards – thorough testing and quality control
  • The latest software for both subtitle translation and processing

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