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We use external translators with various fields of specialisation. We request that you have an excellent knowledge of the language and good stylistic skills. If your standard is high enough, we can offer you regular assignments, or even engage you full time.

As an external translator, you will need: a personal computer, Internet access, e-mail, or a mobile telephone with an SMS service, and a business licence (for regular co-operation). We offer benefits for family members – language school, e-learning, seminars, and training.

Questionnaire for translators


If you would like to work with us teaching English, German, Spanish, French, Czech for Foreigners, or other languages, either general or specialised (business, law, marketing, management, accounting, computers, banking…), please complete our Teacher Questionnaire.

We request that you know the language well, have teacher training, and a creative approach. We offer work in a young team, with professional growth opportunities, training, and seminars.

Teacher questionnaire

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