Audio and video services

Do you need to make a high-quality voice recording of native speakers for use in a video or to create foreign subtitles? Are you looking for a recording studio able to offer recordings in various foreign languages? No problem. We can do all of this for you and more. Apart from recordings of Czech and Slovak texts, we can also arrange audio and video services in a wide range of foreign languages, separately or within the framework of comprehensive service provision together with a translation.

What we offer

  • High quality dubbing or voice-over
  • An extensive database of Czech and foreign native speakers
  • Audio postproduction
  • Translations, transcriptions and proofreading of texts from audio and video media
  • Creation of Czech and foreign subtitles, including translations, timing and nasazení 
  • Express audio and video services
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Languages offered

Apart from Czech and Slovak, the languages most in demand for dubbing are English (British and American), German, French, Italian, Spanish (European and Latin American) and Russian.

We also provide audio and video services to our clients from the Czech Republic and abroad in other foreign languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Romany etc.

How are recordings made?

We make audio recordings in our very own fully-equipped studio in the centre of Prague. Our database of dubbers includes not only popular speakers, but also lesser-known yet talented actors, and we are thus able to provide you original recordings in various genres.

The sound technician and the individual dubbers do of course cooperate closely, something which is very important for the final result of their work. Recording is followed by postproduction and any additional recordings which may be required.

We are able to provide audio recordings in many different formats according to client requirements. If you like, you can come to the audio recording session in person and see how everything is done.

The breadth of our recording activities really is wide and meets the requirements of the majority of clients.

  • Promotional and instructional videos
  • Films and trailers
  • Educational videos
  • Animation
  • Small-scale musical recordings in cooperation with specialised studios

Our clients

Our clients are Czech and international companies, advertising agencies, producers of computer games, film companies and governmental institutions. It would be our pleasure to welcome your company to their ranks.

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