Online marketing

In this day and age, it is of utmost importance that you are able to:

  • Reach the right target customers via the internet
  • Reach those customers at a reasonable cost.

This is also the case in our main field of business, this being translations, interpreting and language tuition.

After having first tried out a few online marketing companies, we in the end decided that we would be able to manage on our own in this field and established our own online marketing department. We are very happy with the results of the work achieved by this department.

These results in the field of translations are so good that we are also able to offer online marketing to our customers, even in other fields of business and to provide a whole new dimension in communication and service quality.

Our services

  • Website translation and localisation: We can ensure that your website is translated in such a way that the local customers understand it.
  • Keyword analysis: We can determine how your customers search for your services or products and what precisely you can focus on
  • Comprehensive SEO: We will bring more relevant visitors from searches to your website
  • PPC campaigns: We can optimise your online advertising
  • Website creation: We can create a new website for you using WordPress or another similar platform.

Please contact us for further information regarding our services. We will be happy to create an offer tailored to suit your requirements.

Our approach to online marketing – our added value

Understanding of your field of business and your clients

Understanding the customer’s field of business and comprehending how their customers think is of absolutely crucial importance, yet precisely here we met with absolute incomprehension in our previous external suppliers of online marketing services.

Instead of understanding our field of business and our customers’ perspective, they were first and foremost interested in the budget for marketing campaigns and texts. And when we wanted to know what we could expect from a campaign with a specific financial volume so that we could make some sort of a decision, we received no reply.

Our approach is a little different. It is clear to us that you yourselves best understand your field of business and our task is to provide you with new customers and to help you retain the existing ones. In order to do so, we have to understand:

  • your field of business as best we can
  • who your key customers are (current or future)
  • who your customers’ contact persons are in the case of companies
  • what distinguishes you from the competition.

Only then will we be able to propose various solutions, which will take effect at various speeds, which will pose various demands on time and finances and we will discuss these with you to find out which is best for you.

Only promising things which we are able to do

Everything in advertising and marketing is uncertain. It is not possible to precisely estimate what the results will be. A lot of things are also difficult to measure.

However, 2 things are certain:

  • Estimation of marketing results

If someone claims to be an expert in marketing in a specific field of business, who should be able to provide a more precise estimate – that expert or their client? Definitely the expert. This is why we will also talk with you about the results of our activities and also offer you models for remuneration based on the results of our work.

  • Inferior solutions

Sales agents frequently offered us advertising in various catalogues, radio adverts and various partner projects, yet it must have been clear to them in advance that in our field of translations and interpreting, the results of marketing activities such as these would have very little effect.

A marketing expert must at least be able to recognise when a solution is wrong for the given customer.

We will not offer you a solution like that:

  • We do not promise things which we are unable to do

Marketing today is so complicated that there are practically no companies which can offer everything in the very highest level of quality. If they can, then their services are in a completely different price bracket. We always openly tell our customers what we can do for them really well and what we are unbale to do.

  • Collaboration which makes sense

Our aim is not to perform one separate activity for you on a one-off basis which often need not have the desired effect. On the basis of getting to know your field of business, your clients and aims, we determine possible strategy and offer solutions. You will usually only see the results of these solutions and our work a few months later. This means that ideally, the initial stage of our collaboration would last 3 – 6 months and if the set goals are achieved, then it would last for several years.

Examples of services relating to online marketing

Example: A website with a full range of services under one roof

If you are planning a new website or modification of an existing one, we can offer you a comprehensive package of all the services needed to do so. Everything is provided for you and you do not have to worry about anything:

  • Translations and localisation of websites into English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.
  • Performance of keyword analysis
  • Modification of texts according to this analysis
  • Stylistic marketing modification of texts in foreign languages.
  • Subsequent creation and management of PPC campaigns
  • SEO optimisation

If so required, we can also create new websites for our clients with respect to online marketing according to the example given below.

Example: Creation of a new website with respect to online marketing

We can create a website for you in such a way that customers visit it and order your products or services. Collaboration takes place as follows:

  • Analysis of keywords
  • Proposal of the structure of the website and its basic appearance
  • Creation of texts for the website (in collaboration with you)
  • Creation of the new website
  • Training in administration of the new website and handover

Alternatively, we would be happy to provide website administration ourselves. Services from example no. 1 could also follow.

Example: Quick customer contact

To contact customers quickly for a specific event:

  • Creation of PPC campaigns
  • Campaigns on social networks

Conclusion of these activities once the supported event has ended. Even in this case, you must count on a timeframe of at least 2 months.

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