Documents translated

We translate the following into Central European languages (especially Czech and Slovak), Eastern European languages, and other languages:

  • Contracts
  • Czech and EU laws
  • Directives, decrees
  • Actions and judgments
  • Legal opinions and statements
  • Company regulations and guidelines
  • Audit reports
  • Safety regulations
  • Tender-related documents
  • Incorporation documents (articles of association, extracts from commercial registers)
  • Licence agreements
  • Standards, ISO documents, etc.
  • All types of official documents
  • Certified translations
  • Financial and economic analyses, reports and other documents
  • Financial statements, balance sheets and accounts
  • Auditor reports and opinions
  • Investment plans, calls and projects
  • Due diligence documents – mergers and acquisitions
  • Market news for investors
  • Annual reports
  • Restructuring proposals and project audits
  • Tenders
  • Internal directives and regulations, general terms and conditions, and insurance conditions
  • Share transfer and business purchase agreements
  • Cooperation, supplier, distribution, licensing and other business agreements
  • Technical and production documentation
  • User manuals and guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Documentation for machines and equipment etc.
  • Service manuals for machinery and equipment maintenance
  • Product and spare parts catalogues
  • Operating instructions and user documentation
  • Project documentation
  • Expert opinions and reports
  • Marketing materials, websites and brochures
  • Supplier and licensing agreements
  • Annual reports
  • Study, design and construction documentation for industrial buildings, offices and residential developments
  • Documents for building permits and zoning decisions, including the remediation of old environmental hazards and environmental impact assessments
  • Technical manuals and technological procedures
  • High- and low-current documentation and technical specifications
  • Surveillance, control and security equipment texts
  • Evaluation and control system texts
  • Electronic device and system texts
  • Operating instructions for televisions, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and freezers, irons, mowers and other household appliances
  • Diagnostic and other medical device and equipment documentation
  • Software translations and localisation, help interfaces, user interfaces and screens
  • Mobile app translations and localisation
  • Website and e-shop translations and localisation
  • Localisation for mobile phones, electronics and other devices
  • E-learning course localisation
  • Game testing and localisation
  • Medical reports and opinions
  • Documentation and manuals for medical devices and instruments
  • Documentation for pharmaceutical certifications and clinical trials
  • Package leaflets for pharmaceuticals and texts printed on pharmaceutical packaging
  • Promotional materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Texts for spa treatment and medical cosmetics

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